Caenorhabditis elegans


CELE_C16B8.1, C16B8.1
lin-18 encodes a predicted receptor tyrosine kinase that is a member of the Ryk/Derailed family of tyrosine kinase-related receptors (OMIM:600524, mutations in humans are associated with cleft palate); in C. elegans, LIN-18 is required for establishing the polarity of the secondary vulval cell lineage produced by the P7.p vulval precursor cell; LIN-18 may be a receptor for Wnt-like signaling molecules, and in vulval development appears to function independently of, but in parallel with, LIN-17, a Frizzled-like Wnt receptor, also required for proper orientation of the P7.p lineage; a lin-18 reporter gene is expressed in body wall muscle, neurons, and the developing vulva; in the vulva, expression is detected in P5.p, P6.p, and P7.p and all of their descendants during the L3 and L4 larval stages.
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