Caenorhabditis elegans


CELE_F41C6.1, unc-106, F41C6.1
unc-6 encodes a netrin orthologous to the human and mouse netrin-1 precursor proteins; UNC-6 functions as a guidance molecule that regulates circumferential axon migrations as well as migration of mesodermal cells, such as the gonadal distal tip cell, along the dorsoventral axis; in addition, UNC-6 mediates anchor cell (AC) invasion by regulating localization of the UNC-40 netrin receptor to the invasive plasma membrane of the AC, allowing for subsequent formation of an invasive membrane domain; a secreted molecule, UNC-6 is first expressed during embryogenesis in ventral epidermoblasts; additional expression is seen in neurons and sheath cells; UNC-6 is involved in both attractive and repulsive interactions mediated by the UNC-40 and UNC-5 netrin receptors, respectively.
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