Caenorhabditis elegans


CELE_F08C6.7, F08C6.7
unc-98 encodes a protein with four C2H2 zinc fingers and several possible nuclear localization and export sequences; UNC-98 is required for normal mobility, M-line, and dense body (Z-disk analog) structures; UNC-98 binds the C-terminal portion of myosin heavy chain, as well as a number of proteins that localize to the base of dense bodies and M lines, including UNC-97/PINCH, suggesting that in vivo UNC-98 functions to link myosin thick filaments to an integrin-associated protein complex at the muscle cell membrane; UNC-98 also interacts with UNC-96, UNC-15/paramyosin, the unconventional myosin HUM-6 and the zinc-finger protein MEP-1; UNC-98 localizes to M-lines, muscle cell nuclei, and perhaps also to dense bodies.
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