Caenorhabditis elegans


CELE_C14F5.5, C14F5.5
sem-5 encodes a Src homology (SH) domain 2 and 3-containing protein, orthologous to human GRB2 (OMIM:108355) and Drosophila Drk; sem-5 functions in multiple signaling pathways during development including those regulating sex myoblast migration, muscle membrane extension, vulval induction, fluid balance, viability, and formation of the male tail; SEM-5 acts downstream of the LET-23 epidermal growth factor receptor to negatively regulate RAS-, MAP-, and IP-3-, mediated signal transduction; a sem-5::yfp promoter fusion is expressed in many cells throughout development, including the hypodermis, intestine, neurons, body wall muscles, and vulval precursor cells.

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