Caenorhabditis elegans


CELE_F14F3.2, F14F3.2
git-1 encodes a scafolding protein that forms a highly conserved signaling complex with PIX-1 and PAK, and interacts with Rac/CDC42 GTPases; git-1 is orthologous to mammalian git1(OMIM: 608434); GIT-1 work together with PIX-1 and PAK-1 independently of RAC/CDC-42 GTPases to control DTC migration during gonad morphogenesis; in epithelial morphogenesis GIT-1, PIX-1 and PAK-1 together regulate intermediate-filament phosphorylation and CeHD biogenesis; Tension exerted by adjacent muscles or externally exerted mechanical pressure maintains GIT-1 at hemidesmosome and stimulates PAK-1 activity through PIX-1 and Rac; GIT-1 is expressed in CeHDs and migrating DTCs.
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