Caenorhabditis elegans


F13E6.4, CELE_F13E6.4
yap-1 encodes a protein with sequence similarity to YAP (yes-associated protein) in its N-terminal TEAD-binding domain and WW domain; YAP-1 plays a role in the response to heat and in determination of adult life span; YAP-1 physically interacts with EGL-44, a transcription enhancer factor of the TEA domain (TEAD) class, and when co-expressed, the two proteins are able to activate a TEAD reporter; YAP-1 also physically interacts with WTS-1, the C. elegans LATS ortholog; YAP-1 is broadly expressed throughout development and found in a number of different tissues including epithelia, hypodermis, muscles, pharynx, intestine, gonadal sheath cells, vulval, and the spermatheca; YAP-1 mainly localizes to the cytoplasm and, during specific developmental events, to the nucleus; YAP-1 cytoplasmic localization is regulated by WTS-1, and the 14-3-3 protein FTT-2; in response to heat, YAP-1 transiently accumulates in the nucleus, with subsequent translocation to the cytoplasm dependent on the DAF-21 HSP90 and HSF-1 heat shock factor.
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