Caenorhabditis elegans


CELE_F47B10.2, F47B10.2
F47B10.2 encodes a histidine ammonia lyase orthologous to the human gene HISTIDASE (HAL; OMIM:235800); F47B10.2 is required in C. elegans for conversion of histidine to urocanic acid via reductive deamination; loss-of-function mutations in F47B10.2 results in protection against zinc and nickel toxicity owing to increased levels of metal-chelating histidine; genetic studies suggest that F47B10.2 functions in parallel to members of the cation diffusion facilitator family of zinc transporters encodes by cdf-1, cdf-2, and sur-7 to modulate zinc sensitivity; F47B10.2 mRNA levels do not vary under different dietary zinc levels.
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