Caenorhabditis elegans


CELE_ZK455.1, gei-22, ZK455.1
aco-1 encodes an aconitase that is homologous to mammalian iron regulatory protein-1 (IRP1); aco-1 activity is required for normal brood sizes and, under iron stress conditions, for normal lifespan and L4-to-adult growth rates; ACO-1 physically interacts with GEX-3; like IRP1, ACO-1 has aconitase activity and is post-translationally regulated by iron, but, unlike IRP1, it lacks RNA-binding activity; aco-1 mRNA levels appear to decrease in response to iron treatment; an ACO-1::GFP fusion protein exhibits cytosolic expression in the hypodermal seam cells and the intestine.
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