Caenorhabditis elegans


CELE_K02B9.1, K02B9.1
meg-1 encodes a novel protein that localizes exclusively to P granules; originally identified by microarray analyses of germline-enriched transcripts, loss of meg-1 activity via mutation and RNAi indicates that MEG-1 is required for germline development and normal levels of fertility; specifically, MEG-1 is required maternally for normal germ cell proliferation and/or survival and for fully normal P granule segregation to the germ cell lineage; in regulating germline development, meg-1 likely functions redundantly with meg-2 and mes-1; meg-1 expression in the proximal germline is positively regulated by MPK-1, the C. elegans MAP kinase ortholog; meg-1 mRNA is expressed in the proximal germline; MEG-1 localizes to P granules from the 4-to-8-cell through 100-cell stage of embryogenesis; MEG-1 localization to P granules partially requires MES-1 and, in turn, MES-1 localization to P granules is partly dependent on MEG-1.
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