Caenorhabditis elegans


CELE_W10G6.3, ifa-2, CelIF a2, Cel IF A2, W10G6.3
mua-6 encodes an essential intermediate filament protein (MUA-6/IFA-2) that is coexpressed with the essential IF protein IFB-1; MUA-6 is required for hypodermal integrity and for lasting attachment of muscles to the body wall; MUA-6 is also required for normal positioning of excretory canals and muscles; MUA-6 forms heteropolymeric intermediate filaments in vitro with an equimolar mixture of IFB-1; mua-6 is transcribed from L1 larval to adult stages; MUA-6 resides in main body hypodermal desmosomes, but not in seam cells.

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