Caenorhabditis elegans


CELE_T27B1.1, T27B1.1
osm-1 encodes a WD- and WAA-repeat containing protein that is the C. elegans ortholog of intraflagellar transport (IFT) complex B component IFT172; OSM-1 is a presumptive cargo molecule for kinesin-II, and OSM-1 is required, along with OSM-6, for the proper assembly of the middle segments of sensory cilia; osm-1 may act in a pathway with avr-14 to affect resistance to ivermectin-induced cessation of pumping, and mutants are defective in avoidance of solutions of high osmotic strength; an OSM-1::GFP fusion protein is expressed in amphid and phasmid chemosensory neurons where it undergoes both anterograde and retrograde intraflagellar transport.
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