Caenorhabditis elegans


CELE_F20B4.6, F20B4.6
cgt-2 encodes a transmembrane protein that is one of three C. elegans ceramide glucosyltransferases; by homology, CGT-2 is predicted to localize to the Golgi membrane and catalyze the transfer of glucose from UDP-glucose to ceramide to synthesize glucosylceramide, a glycosphingolipid precursor; although cgt-2 mutant worms show no obvious defects, cgt-3;cgt-1;cgt-2 triply mutant animals show reduced glucosylceramide levels; expression of cgt-2 in Saccharomyces cerevisiae results in de novo biosynthesis of glucosylceramides, absent from the parental strain.
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