Caenorhabditis elegans


CELE_C05D11.3, C05D11.3
C05D11.3/tag-170 encodes a thioredoxin domain-containing protein orthologous to human TXNDC9 and ENSG00000145268; in one-cell embryos, C05D11.3/TAG-170 is required for normal nuclear-centrosome rotation, male pronuclear migration, cytokinesis, and mitotic spindles, and for normally long astral microtubules; in early embryos, C05D11.3/TAG-170 is also required for normally rapid microtubule elongation; C05D11.3/tag-170 is expressed in larval and adult neurons and pharynx, and in vulva, with its strongest transcription in adults; like its mammalian ortholog, C05D11.3/TAG-170 protein is both nuclear and cytoplasmic.

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