Caenorhabditis elegans


CELE_C17D12.2, C17D12.2
unc-75 encodes an RNA-binding protein with two N-terminal RNA recognition motifs (RRMs), a glutamine/asparagine-rich linker domain, and a third C-terminal RRM that is orthologous to the mammalian CELF/BrunoL proteins that control pre-mRNA splicing; UNC-75 is required for neuron-specific splicing of unc-32 mRNA; UNC-75 binds the unc-32 intron 7a in vitro; both UNC-75 and EXC-7 are required in parallel for normal cholinergic neurotransmission; UNC-75 is expressed in all neurons and in neurosecretory gland cells, and is required for normal modulation of GABA- and acetylcholine-mediated neurotransmission; UNC-75 protein is found with other RRM proteins in dynamic nuclear speckles, consistent with a role in alternative mRNA splicing; unc-75 mutations can be rescued in vivo by a human unc-75 transgene, but not by exc-7 or W02D3.11, indicating that UNC-75 acts on evolutionarily conserved but highly specific pre-mRNA substrates.
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