Caenorhabditis elegans


CELE_C34C12.3, C34C12.3
pph-6 encodes the sole catalytic subunit of a PP6 protein phosphatase in the nematode genome orthologous to yeast and mammalian PP6 proteins (OMIM:612725); PPH-6 is essential for proper cortical contractility and spindle positioning in one-cell stage embryo; PPH-6 exists in a complex with SAPS-1, they mutually stabilize each other and that these two components ensure normal protein levels of their partner; PPH-6/SAPS-1 is required for maintenance of cortical patches of non-muscle myocin(NMY)-2; PPH-6/SAPS-1 contributes to cytokinesis by regulating the astral pathway which relies on contractile properties of the cortical actomyosin network during pseudocleavage stage; PPH-6/SAPS-1 promotes cortical GPR-1/2 and LIN-5; modulation of pulling forces by CSNK-1 specifically during anaphase requires PPH-6/SAPS-1.

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