Caenorhabditis elegans


CELE_C44C10.8, hlh-18, hlh-22, C44C10.8
hnd-1 encodes a Hand bHLH transcription factor required for normal viability, gonadogenesis, and posterior body morphology; HND-1 is required for the formation of both somatic gonadal precursors and primordial germ cells, but not for later gonadogenesis; HND-1 is expressed embryogenesis in embryonic mesodermal precursor cells generating (mostly) body wall muscle, in somatic gonad precursor cells, and in some unidentified head cells; the primary defect in hnd-1 mutants may be, nonautonomously, in mesodermal precursor cells; somatic gonad precursor cells are normally generated in hnd-1 mutants, but not maintained.

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