Caenorhabditis elegans


ccpp-6 encodes an ATP/ADP-activated metallocarboxypeptidase, orthologous to mammalian AGBL4 proteins, that may function in vivo as an alpha-tubulin C-terminal tyrosine carboxypeptidase; recombinant CCPP-6 is active in vitro on several different C-terminal amino acids of synthetic peptide substrates (with carboxypeptidase A- and B-like, but not O-like specificity); unlike most carboxypeptidases, but like tubulin carboxypeptidase, CCPP-6 is inhibited by high salt or by Z-Glu-Tyr dipeptide; CCPP-6 and its mammalian AGBL4 orthologs, along with other proteins such as mammalian AGBL5, comprise a M14D2 peptidase subfamily; by homolog-based structural modelling, CCPP-6 is predicted to have an unusually open active site.
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