Caenorhabditis elegans


CELE_F31E8.3, ceh-29, mec-16, F31E8.3
tab-1 encodes a homeodomain protein homologous to Drosophila bsh (brain-specific homeodomain protein) and the vertebrate BarH-like homeodomain protein 1; TAB-1 is required, during early larval development, for backward movement in response to anterior touch with a wire, while during later larval stages, TAB-1 is required for response to gentle touch with a hair; TAB-1 expression begins in the early embryo in approximately 20-30 cells and is then restricted to a subset of neurons including AIB, AVJ, and RIV; TAB-1 expression in AIB may be controlled by the UNC-42 homeodomain protein and TAB-1 may autoregulate in the AVJ and RIV neurons.
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