Caenorhabditis elegans


CELE_F42G10.2, F42G10.2
mkk-4 encodes a MAP (mitogen-activated protein) kinase kinase that is a member of the MKK4 family of MAPKK's; MKK-4 activity is required in presynaptic neurons, in a dose-dependent manner, for normal presynaptic development and morphology; in regulating presynaptic organization, MKK-4 acts upstream of PMK-3/MAPK and downstream of DLK-1/MAPKKK, whose levels are negatively regulated by the RPM-1 ubiquitin ligase; a functional MKK-4::GFP fusion protein is expressed in the cytoplasm of many neurons as well as in other cell types, including the pharyngeal muscles.
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