Caenorhabditis elegans


CELE_F58G4.4, F58G4.4
sdz-23 encodes a putatively secreted protein with a single EGF domain, with some similarity to LAG-2; sdz-23 begins to be expressed in the E blastomere of 8-cell embryos, and continues to be expressed solely in the E lineage througout embryogenesis; sdz-23 requires SKN-1 and WRM-1 for E lineage expression, and is a putative MED-1/2 target gene; sdz-23 is both activated by POP-1 (with SYS-1 as coactivator, in the E lineage) and repressed by POP-1 (in the MS lineage), while the dependence of sdz-23 on WRM-1 for E lineage expression is alleviated by loss of POP-1, indicating that WRM-1 switches POP-1 from repression to activation in the E lineage; sdz-23 requires SYS-1 for normal embryonic expression; SDZ-23 has no obvious function in mass RNAi assays.
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