Caenorhabditis elegans


CELE_R10E11.2, R10E11.2
vha-2 and vha-3 encode an ortholog of subunit c of the membrane-bound (V0) domain of vacuolar proton-translocating ATPase (V-ATPase); the protein encoded by vha-2 and vha-3 (VHA-2/3) is identical; VHA-2/3 is a predicted V-ATPase transmembrane rotor component, whose polypeptide sequence is identical to that of VHA-3; VHA-1 and VHA-2/3 comprise a closely related family of subunit c co-orthologs, predicted to carry protons from the cytosol to a-subunits (VHA-5, VHA-6, VHA-7, or UNC-32) for transmembrane export; VHA-2/3 is dispensable for viability, since vha-2/3(RNAi) animals have mostly healthy progeny; however, VHA-2 is required for ovulation and embryogenesis, since vha-2(RNAi) animals are sterile with polyploid, unmatured oocytes; VHA-2, along with VHA-15 and probably all V-ATPase subunits, is required for systemic RNAi, probably during endocytotic RNAi uptake; VHA-2 is required for necrosis, since vha-2(RNAi) suppresses necrotic neurodegeneration; vha-2 shares an operon with vha-1 and R10E11.6; both vha-2 and vha-1 are expressed in the excretory cell, the rectum, and a pair of cells posterior to the anus.

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