Caenorhabditis elegans


CELE_T22C8.8, T22C8.8
vab-9 encodes a claudin homolog orthologous to human brain cell membrane protein 1 (BCMP1) and Drosophila CG6982; VAB-9 colocalizes with HMP-1 to an apical layer of the adherens junctions of all epithelial cells, one layer more apically than AJM-1; vab-9 mutants have disorganized F-actin at the adherens junction, implying that VAB-9 links junctions to circumferential actin filaments; VAB-9 is also expressed in the nerve ring; VAB-9 requires the cadherin HMR-1 to localize to the cell membrane, and both alpha-catenin (HMP-1) and beta-catenin (HMP-2) to remain at the cell junction after membrane localization.
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