Caenorhabditis elegans


CELE_T24H10.6, T24H10.6
dyrb-1 encodes a small (95-residue) putative cytoplasmic dynein light chain 2A that inhibits DHC-1 in vivo, and is also required for mitotic spindle positioning, embryonic viability and fertility; DYRB-1 is orthologous to Drosophila ROADBLOCK (and six Drosophila paralogs), Chlamydomonas LC7, human DYNLRB1 (OMIM:607167), and human DYNLRB2 (OMIM:607168); dyrb-1(RNAi) and dyrb-1(tm2645) both suppress the lethality of conditional dhc-1 mutations, and dyrb-1(RNAi) suppresses dhc-1(or195) spindle length and cytokinesis defects as well, indicating that DYRB-1 negatively regulates dynein; in oocytes and early embryos, DYRB-1 is associated with nuclear envelopes and centrosomes, and with meiotic and mitotic spindle poles; like DHC-1 itself, DYRB-1 is strongly mislocalized to centrosomes in dhc-1(or195) animals shifted to nonpermissive temperature.
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