Caenorhabditis elegans


CELE_Y38F2AL.2, tza-1, Y38F2AL.2
mkrs-2 encodes an ortholog of human B9D2 (OMIM:611951), paralogous to MKRS-1 and MKS-1; MKRS-2 is required for fully normal foraging behavior, and is redundantly required with NPH-4 for roughly normal foraging, and with both NPH-1 and NPH-4 for cilia formation; MKRS-2 is expressed in most ciliated cells, including amphid, phasmid, and labial-quadrant neurons, in a DAF-19-dependent manner; MKRS-2 forms a complex with MKRS-1 and MKS-1 at the base of cilia, and is coexpressed with these proteins in ciliated sensory neurons; MKRS-2 protein is required for proper localization of MKRS-1 and MKS-1 to the transition zone, and binds MKRS-1 in two-hybrid assays.
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