Caenorhabditis elegans


CELE_F46H5.6, F46H5.6
grd-7 encodes a hedgehog-like protein, with an N-terminal DUF271 domain, a central low-complexity proline-rich domain, and a C-terminal Ground (Grd) domain; GRD-7 is expressed in three to four posterior DA motor neurons of the ventral nerve cord; the Ground domain is predicted to form a cysteine-crosslinked protein involved in intercellular signalling, and it has subtle similarity to the N-terminal Hedge domain of HEDGEHOG proteins; GRD-7 is weakly required for normal molting; GRD-7 is also required for normal growth to full size, cuticle adhesion, locomotion, and vulval morphogenesis; all of these requirements may reflect common defects in cholesterol-dependent hedgehog-like signalling or in vesicle trafficking.

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