Caenorhabditis elegans


CELE_R03D7.7, R03D7.7
nos-1 encodes an putative RNA-binding protein that contains a zinc-binding motif homologous to that of Drosophila Nanos, a posterior-group protein required for embryonic patterning and primordial germ cell development; in C. elegans, NOS-1 is required redundantly with NOS-2, a second Nanos homolog, for maintenance of germ cell viability during postembryonic development and for preventing primordial germ cells from dividing in the absence of food; nos-1 mRNA is expressed dynamically in the embryo, with early expression seen throughout the embryo and later expression restricted solely to germline blastomeres; nos-1 mRNA becomes undetectable after the 200-cell stage, but reappears later at the 550-cell stage; NOS-1 protein is not detectable in germline blastomeres until the 550-cell stage, suggesting that NOS-1 might actually function zygotically in germline specification.
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