Caenorhabditis elegans


CELE_C27A2.6, C27A2.6
dsh-2 encodes one of three C. elegans Dishevelled (Dsh) homologs; during embryonic development, dsh-2 functions in the Wnt signaling pathway that specifies endoderm and orients the division axis of the EMS blastomere; dsh-2 is also required for many neuronal cell fate specifications and for asymmetric cell division in the early somatic gonad; dsh-2 is additionally required for proper hypodermal morphogenesis during embryonic elongation; DSH-2 is expressed in the embryo from the early stages of embryogenesis through the ~1.5-fold stage; DSH-2 is also expressed in the somatic gonad precursors Z1 and Z4; DSH-2 localizes to the cell cortex.

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