PPR2, SII, S-II, TFIIS, P37, L000001476, L000000530, YGL043W
General transcription elongation factor TFIIS; enables RNA polymerase II to read through blocks to elongation by stimulating cleavage of nascent transcripts stalled at transcription arrest sites; maintains RNAPII elongation activity on ribosomal protein genes during conditions of transcriptional stress
Saccharomyces cerevisiae (S288c)

Synthetic Lethality

A genetic interaction is inferred when mutations or deletions in separate genes, each of which alone causes a minimal phenotype, result in lethality when combined in the same cell under a given condition.


Genetic interactions between TFIIF and TFIIS.

Fish RN, Ammerman ML, Davie JK, Lu BF, Pham C, Howe L, Ponticelli AS, Kane CM

The eukaryotic transcript elongation factor TFIIS is encoded by a nonessential gene, PPR2, in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Disruptions of PPR2 are lethal in conjunction with a disruption in the nonessential gene TAF14/TFG3. While investigating which of the Taf14p-containing complexes may be responsible for the synthetic lethality between ppr2Delta and taf14Delta, we discovered genetic interactions between PPR2 and both TFG1 and TFG2 ... [more]

Genetics Aug. 01, 2006; 173(4);1871-84 [Pubmed: 16648643]


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  • phenotype: inviable (APO:0000112)

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