Bait protein expressed as a DNA binding domain (DBD) fusion and prey expressed as a transcriptional activation domain (TAD) fusion and interaction measured by reporter gene activation.


Interaction and assembly of murine pre-replicative complex proteins in yeast and mouse cells.

Kneissl M, Puetter V, Szalay AA, Grummt F

Eukaryotic cells coordinate chromosome duplication by the assembly of protein complexes at origins of DNA replication by sequential binding of member proteins of the origin recognition complex (ORC), CDC6, and minichromosome maintenance (MCM) proteins. These pre-replicative complexes (pre-RCs) are activated by cyclin-dependent kinases and DBF4/CDC7 kinase. Here, we carried out a comprehensive yeast two-hybrid screen to establish sequential interactions between ... [more]

J. Mol. Biol. Mar. 14, 2003; 327(1);111-28 [Pubmed: 12614612]


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