protein prenyltransferase alpha subunit repeat containing 1
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Homo sapiens


ring finger protein 145
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Homo sapiens

Synthetic Lethality

A genetic interaction is inferred when mutations or deletions in separate genes, each of which alone causes a minimal phenotype, result in lethality when combined in the same cell under a given condition.


Gene essentiality and synthetic lethality in haploid human cells.

Blomen VA, Majek P, Jae LT, Bigenzahn JW, Nieuwenhuis J, Staring J, Sacco R, van Diemen FR, Olk N, Stukalov A, Marceau C, Janssen H, Carette JE, Bennett KL, Colinge J, Superti-Furga G, Brummelkamp TR

Although the genes essential for life have been identified in less complex model organisms, their elucidation in human cells has been hindered by technical barriers. We used extensive mutagenesis in haploid human cells to identify approximately 2000 genes required for optimal fitness under culture conditions. To study the principles of genetic interactions in human cells, we created a synthetic lethality ... [more]

Science Nov. 27, 2015; 350(6264);1092-6 [Pubmed: 26472760]


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Ontology Terms

  • phenotype: growth abnormality (HP:0001507)

Additional Notes

  • Aphenotypic negative genetic interaction (Synonym: Synthetic)
  • The authors note that their method cannot clearly distinguish between synthetic lethal or synthetic sick interactions (Figure 3B).

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