cof1, SPAC20G4.06c
actin depolymerizing factor, cofilin
GO Process (2)
GO Function (0)
GO Component (3)
Schizosaccharomyces pombe (972h)


rng5, SPCC645.05c
myosin II heavy chain
Schizosaccharomyces pombe (972h)

Synthetic Lethality

A genetic interaction is inferred when mutations or deletions in separate genes, each of which alone causes a minimal phenotype, result in lethality when combined in the same cell under a given condition.


Actin-depolymerizing protein Adf1 is required for formation and maintenance of the contractile ring during cytokinesis in fission yeast.

Nakano K, Mabuchi I

The role of the actin-depolymerizing factor (ADF)/cofilin-family protein Adf1 in cytokinesis of fission yeast cells was studied. Adf1 was required for accumulation of actin at the division site by depolymerizing actin at the cell ends, assembly of the contractile ring through severing actin filaments, and maintenance of the contractile ring once formed. Genetic and cytological analyses suggested that it collaborates ... [more]

Mol. Biol. Cell Apr. 01, 2006; 17(4);1933-45 [Pubmed: 16467379]


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  • phenotype: inviable (APO:0000112)

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