An interaction is inferred when close proximity of interaction partners is detected by fluorescence resonance energy transfer between pairs of fluorophore-labeled molecules, such as occurs between CFP (donor) and YFP (acceptor) fusion proteins.


Nucleic acid binding of the RTN1-C C-terminal region: toward the functional role of a reticulon protein.

Melino S, Nepravishta R, Bellomaria A, Di Marco S, Paci M

RTN1-C protein is a membrane protein localized in the ER and expressed in the nervous system. Its biological role is still unclear, although interactions of the N-terminal region of RTN1-C with proteins involved in vesicle trafficking have been observed, but the role of the C-terminal region of this family protein remains to be investigated. By a homology analysis of the ... [more]

Biochemistry Jan. 20, 2009; 48(2);242-53 [Pubmed: 19140693]


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