YTX1, histone methyltransferase SET1, KMT2, L000003286, YHR119W
Histone methyltransferase, subunit of the COMPASS (Set1C) complex; COMPASS methylates histone H3K4; Set1p-dependent H3K4 trimethylation recruits Nrd1p, allowing efficient termination of snoRNAs and cryptic unstable transcripts (CUTs) by Nrd1p-Nab3p-Sen1p pathway; modulates histone acetylation levels in promoter proximal regions to ensure efficient Nrd1p-dependent termination; required in transcriptional silencing near telomeres and at silent mating type loci; has a SET domain
Saccharomyces cerevisiae (S288c)


CMT4B3, DENND7A, MTMR5, C22:RP4-579N16.2
SET binding factor 1
GO Process (2)
GO Function (2)
GO Component (1)
Homo sapiens

Reconstituted Complex

An interaction is detected between purified proteins in vitro.


Association of SET domain and myotubularin-related proteins modulates growth control.

Cui X, De Vivo I, Slany R, Miyamoto A, Firestein R, Cleary ML

Several proteins that contribute to epigenetic mechanisms of gene regulation contain a characteristic motif of unknown function called the SET (Suvar3-9, Enhancer-of-zeste, Trithorax) domain. We have demonstrated that SET domains mediate highly conserved interactions with a specific family of proteins that display similarity with dual-specificity phosphatases (dsPTPases). These include myotubularin, the gene of which is mutated in a subset of ... [more]

Nat. Genet. Apr. 01, 1998; 18(4);331-7 [Pubmed: 9537414]


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