Outer membrane component of the mitochondrial fusion machinery; binds directly to Fzo1p and Mgm1p and thus links these two GTPases during mitochondrial fusion; involved in fusion of both the outer and inner membranes; facilitates dimerization of Fzo1p during fusion; import into the outer membrane is mediated by Tom70p and Mim1p; has similarity to carrier proteins but is not likely to function as a transmembrane transporter
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Saccharomyces cerevisiae (S288c)


DSG1, SCF ubiquitin ligase complex subunit MDM30, YLR368W
F-box component of an SCF ubiquitin protein ligase complex; associates with and is required for Fzo1p ubiquitination and for mitochondria fusion; stimulates nuclear export of specific mRNAs; promotes ubiquitin-mediated degradation of Gal4p in some strains
Saccharomyces cerevisiae (S288c)

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Ugo1 and Mdm30 act sequentially during Fzo1-mediated mitochondrial outer membrane fusion.

Anton F, Fres JM, Schauss A, Pinson B, Praefcke GJ, Langer T, Escobar-Henriques M

Dynamin-related GTPase proteins (DRPs) are main players in membrane remodelling. Conserved DRPs called mitofusins (Mfn1/Mfn2/Fzo1) mediate the fusion of mitochondrial outer membranes (OM). OM fusion depends on self-assembly and GTPase activity of mitofusins as well as on two other proteins, Ugo1 and Mdm30. Here, we define distinct steps of the OM fusion cycle using in vitro and in vivo approaches. ... [more]

J. Cell. Sci. Apr. 01, 2011; 124(0);1126-35 [Pubmed: 21385840]


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  • phenotype: protein/peptide accumulation (APO:0000149)

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  • double mutants show a lack of fzo1 degradation

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