BAP, BCAP37, Bap37, PNAS-141, REA, p22
prohibitin 2
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Homo sapiens

Reconstituted Complex

An interaction is detected between purified proteins in vitro.


EZH2 regulates the transcription of estrogen-responsive genes through association with REA, an estrogen receptor corepressor.

Hwang C, Giri VN, Wilkinson JC, Wright CW, Wilkinson AS, Cooney KA, Duckett CS

Enhancer of zeste homolog 2 (EZH2) is a histone methyltransferase polycomb group (PcG) protein, which has been implicated in the process of cellular differentiation and cancer progression for both breast and prostate cancer. Although transcriptional repression by histone modification appears to contribute to the process of cellular differentiation, it is unclear what mediates the specificity of PcG proteins. Since EZH2 ... [more]

Breast Cancer Res. Treat. Jan. 01, 2008; 107(2);235-42 [Pubmed: 17453341]


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