Slb/Wnt11, cb748, slb, CH73-223D24.3
wingless-type MMTV integration site family, member 11
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Gene Ontology Biological Process

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Danio rerio


DeSI-2, cb238, desi1, pppde1, sb:cb238, wu:fi12d12, zgc:100860
desumoylating isopeptidase 2
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Gene Ontology Biological Process

Danio rerio

Phenotypic Enhancement

A genetic interaction is inferred when mutation or overexpression of one gene results in enhancement of any phenotype (other than lethality/growth defect) associated with mutation or over expression of another gene.


Pnas4 is a novel regulator for convergence and extension during vertebrate gastrulation.

Yao S, Xie L, Qian M, Yang H, Zhou L, Zhou Q, Yan F, Gou L, Wei Y, Zhao X, Mo X

Recent studies show that human Pnas4 might be tumor associated, while its function remains unknown. Here, we investigate the developmental function of Pnas4 using zebrafish as a model system. Knocking down Pnas4 causes gastrulation defects with a shorter and broader axis, as well as a posteriorly mis-positioned prechordal plate, due to the defective convergence and extension movement. Conversely, over-expression of ... [more]

FEBS Lett. Jun. 25, 2008; 582(15);2325-32 [Pubmed: 18538138]


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  • phenotype: post-vent region (ZFA:0001117) [decreased length (PATO:0000574)]

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