fj37c11, si:ch211-120m13.2, wu:fj37c11, CH211-120M13.2
sema domain, immunoglobulin domain (Ig), short basic domain, secreted, (semaphorin) 3E
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Danio rerio

Phenotypic Suppression

A genetic interaction is inferred when mutation or over expression of one gene results in suppression of any phenotype (other than lethality/growth defect) associated with mutation or over expression of another gene.


Antagonistic interactions among Plexins regulate the timing of intersegmental vessel formation.

Lamont RE, Lamont EJ, Childs SJ

The angioblast is an embryonic endothelial cell precursor that migrates long distances to reach its final position, navigating by sensing attractive and repulsive cues from the environment. Members of the semaphorin family have been implicated in controlling the behaviour of angioblast tip cells through repulsive signalling in vitro, but their in vivo roles are less clear. Here we show that ... [more]

Dev. Biol. Jul. 15, 2009; 331(2);199-209 [Pubmed: 19422817]


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  • phenotype: intersegmental vessel (ZFA:0001285) [has fewer parts of type (PATO:0002001)]

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