Interaction inferred from two proteins that co-localize in the cell by indirect immunofluorescence only when in addition, if one gene is deleted, the other protein becomes mis-localized. Also includes co-dependent association of proteins with promoter DNA in chromatin immunoprecipitation experiments.


Co-repressor SMRT and class II histone deacetylases promote Bach2 nuclear retention and formation of nuclear foci that are responsible for local transcriptional repression.

Hoshino H, Nishino TG, Tashiro S, Miyazaki M, Ohmiya Y, Igarashi K, Horinouchi S, Yoshida M

Bach2 is a member of the BTB-basic region leucine zipper factor family and represses transcription activity directed by the TPA response element, the Maf recognition element (MARE) and the antioxidant-responsive element. Recently, it was reported that upon oxidative stress Bach2 forms nuclear foci surrounding the promyelocytic leukaemia (PML) bodies and specifically represses the transcription around the PML bodies. Here we ... [more]

J. Biochem. May. 01, 2007; 141(5);719-27 [Pubmed: 17383980]


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  • SMRT is required for BACH2 focus formation via IF

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